Finally, a Proven Step-by-step, A-to-Z Process to Reduce EMFs in Your Home

Is It Really Possible To Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps?  

Yes! And You’re About To Discover Exactly How, Step-By-Step… 

Why is it so hard to understand what steps to take to protect your health and counter damages from invisible electromagnetic fields we’re constantly surrounded with when it seems like it should be pretty straightforward and easy to figure out? 

Hello there EMF-information-seeker,  

If you’ve ever struggled to understand EMFs and what to know and what to do to reduce them this will be the most important page you’ve ever read. 

I’m going to share with you exactly how to reduce EMFs in your home, but before I do, there are a few important questions for you to answer… 

  • Have you ever felt like you know EMFs in your home are harming your health but you don’t know how to counter against what they’re doing to you and your family? 
  • Is there a part of you that feels helpless from all of the technology we’re increasingly surrounded with? 
  • Do you ever wish you knew what’s going on in your home from an EMF perspective and how to control your risk and exposure to these fields?  

How I Discovered The 3 Steps for Reducing EMFs

After helping countless individuals and clients over the years and teaching how EMFs work, measuring and reducing them in homes to address sleep quality and health concerns or to be proactive in keeping their health, I can confidently tell you that you are not alone. 

What you are experiencing is completely normal and exactly what I went through before getting my Building Biology certification and also what my clients go through before working with me.  

What I’ve discovered over the past decade is that there are three main steps for successfully reducing EMFs in your home and if you don’t do all of them, it keeps you from getting the results you want, and when you do, you get the best results in the least amount of time.  

If you want to master the 3 steps for reducing EMFs and take control of your risk and exposure to these harmful, invisible fields, I have a special invitation for you.  

I am so committed to helping people who want to protect their health by reducing EMFs in their environment, that I’ve created a program specifically designed to walk you through each and every step of the way.  

"The tips and solutions provided made a world of a difference and immediately affected my sleep as well as my daughter’s sleep. 

I 'm waking up earlier, energetic, no brain fog and ready to take on the day. My little angel, Etta sleeps longer hours without waking up in the middle of the night anymore. And I no longer have unexplainable fatigue accompanied by migraines. 

Before Risa, I wasn’t aware of or thought I had any problems. But now I am very aware of how EMFs affected me unknowingly. ...reducing EMFs will make a world of a difference." 

- Kweku and Jessica


How to Reduce EMF Fields in 3 Easy Steps

This program is specifically designed to help you clear EMFs in your home so you can fight back against the damages on your health from all of the EMFs you’re constantly surrounded by.  

You’re going to walk away from the course with the rare ability to walk into any room, house, or office and identify sources know what to do to reduce your exposure while you’re there.  

What’s included in How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps  

How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps includes instant access to:  

  • 6 Step-By-Step Modules with each module building on the previous one  
  • 2 Really Great Bonuses you’ll most likely put to use right away  
  • 1 Better than a normal Bonus Case Study examples As a huge special webinar-only bonus you will get instant access to five digital training videos where I walk you through actual EMF mitigation examples that use this same process (so you can “see” the before and after results and copy them)  
  • Lifetime access and 24/7 login (this is all digital and dowloadable, so you can login, acces the content and download and take it with you)  
  • Content is available in video + slides and PDF worksheet, cheatsheets and templates  
  • 14 day 100% money back guarantee  

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get instant access to How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps including all of the bonuses 

Here's a sneak peek at the course... 

Module 1: All of the EMF information you need to know to build a solid foundation. The most important and critical fields in your home you need to worry about, how they impact your space, how they work, and how to measure them. Learn how they impact your body at a basic cellular level and impact your overall health.

Modules 2, 3, 4: Learn how to take a whole house approach to identify, assess and reduce your exposure starting with sources outside then working our way inside and through each room down into the details. Learn what you can and cannot reduce and what options you have.

Modules 5 and 6: Learn how to prioritize everything on your EMF-To-Do list, learn the most critical and impactful items (and why), the biggest-bang-for-your-buck items, and what can wait. Know if you need to shield, what options you have, shielding choices, and get all of my tried-and-true installation tips (and gotchas).

This program consists of over seven hours of virtual training broken out into separate lessons and modules and downloadable worksheets. Each module focuses on helping you master How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Steps, each module building onto of the previous.  

Module 1

How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Fields Found in Almost Every Home

The Foundation: Critical Fields You Need to Know About 

  • What these fields are, how they work and exactly how they impact your space and how to measure them  
  • Understand how EMFs impact your body at a cellular level and trigger common health effects such as autism  
  • Basic overview of the law of current as it relates to EMFs 

Module 2

How to Reduce EMFs: EMF Sources That Impact The Whole  House

EMF Sources From Outside That Impact The Whole House

  • Learn all of the sources outside of the home and how they can impact your space 
  • Learn what fields that are created by each source and how they behave, how to measure them and where and how they typically drop off
  • Learn what you can and can't do to mitigate your exposure and complete your external assessment

Module 3

How to Reduce EMFs: Appliances, Security Systems, Electronics

Sources From Everthing Inside the Home

  • Learn all of the common sources inside of the home and how they impact your space and the fields they create
  • Learn where the fields typically drop off, which ones typically go through walls or floors, how to mitigate and switch out products
  • Complete your inside assessment and prioritization

Module 4

How to Reduce EMFs: Rest, Restoration, and Productivity: Bedrooms and Offices

Finding the Best Bedroom and Office Location

  • Identify the best room from an EMF perspective so you can get your best sleep
  • Learn what body voltage is and how to measure it, how it affects your sleep and why only turning off breaker switches to your room can worsen your sleep
  • How to set up your bedroom to get your best sleep, how box springs affect your sleep negatively and low EMF baby monitor alteratives
  • Identify the best room for your office
  • How to set up an configue a low EMF office to reduce fatigue and improve your productivity and ability to focus

Module 5

How to Reduce EMFs: Reducing and Shielding EMFs Best Practices

The Nuts and Bolts for Reducing and Shielding Including Best Practices)

  • Get into the details of reducing and shielding the fields  
  • Learn about common shielding strategies, material options and best practices and get installation cheat sheets 
  • Get the scoop and the pros and cons of other solutions such as dirty electricity filters, internet over powerlines and earthing

Module 6

How to Reduce EMFs: The Last Step + Safeguarding Your Future

Living a Low-EMF Lifestyle on Autopilot

  • Finish reducing EMFs in your home with an easy-to-follow plan that includes health impacts, cost, timing and effort for each item and broken out into prioritized lists that won't overwhelm you  
  • How to keep reusing what you've learned in the course to ease into a low-EMF lifestyle and apply your knowledge to any room, house or situation to control your exposure

When You Join Now You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses...  

BONUS #1: Before and After Case Studies

  • See real examples of EMF mitigation solutions for sleeping areas and before and after data exports
  • See what an EMF paint installation looks like with before and after results
  • These are great working examples if you don't have meters

BONUS #2: Getting Your Kids to Unplug

  • The process that I do to get kids onboard to unplug and reduce their screen time and their overall exposure that you can take and use right away 
  • How to explain EMFs to kids in a way that they understand  
  • How to get them involved in the "demo" part to keep their attention  

BONUS #3: Helping Your Family Understand EMFs 

  • Learn the exact same process that I use to help them connect the dots and get them onboard.
  • Pointers to specific course information to help them understand
  • Super easy demo strategies that will make sense to them that you can take and use right away

Why Now...

Like I said before, this program is extremely powerful and can change your life. Even more so because it is the only course of its kind that provides a complete end-to-end solution for reducing EMFs in your home without having to go through a lengthy certification process or wasting hours of valuable time trying to stitch together all of the information and hoping you don't miss anything critical.

This Program Is NOT For… 

  • If you just want a quick fix solution for your entire home, this program is not for you 
  • If you’re not open to making any changes in your home this program is not for you 
  • If you’re not open to making lifestyle changes in how you use technology, this program is not for you 
  • If you do not like trying new things, this program is not for you  

This Program Is For…  

  • If you’re ready to make changes in your life to control your exposure to EMFs 
  • If you want to master the 3 Step Process for Reducing EMFs in Your Home 
  • If you want to be able to reuse this knowledge over and over again so it’s second nature and part of your lifestyle  


What are the next steps and how much does it cost?

How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps could easily sell for $3,000 or more and it would be more than worth it. Why you ask? Because learning all of these strategies and techniques will give you the knowledge and tools for reducing EMFS in any environment or situation you find yourself in. Once you understand all of the secrets, strategies, and shortcuts, you can reuse this process over and over again no matter where you are. This course can literally change your life. And I could easily charge more, but I want to make this as easily accessible and affordable for you because this is such an important topic that literally affects your health and well-being, so enrollment is just 2 payments of $264. Or, you can also pay in full (and save $54) for $474. When you enroll, you get instant access (forever and ever) and you get the entire course and all of the bonuses right away without having to wait for the information to be dripped to you each week. You can go at your own pace as fast or slow as you want (although I recommend following the course in order and pacing yourself so you don’t burn out). Everything is in digital format, it’s downloadable, and ready to go as soon as you sign up. 

The How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps Guarantee. This program is specifically designed to help you reduce EMFs in your home, and I stand behind my product . If you go through the entire program, take the actions necessary and complete your coursework and still don't feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 30 days, I’ll happily return your money. All you have to do is show me your completed coursework and I'll promptly send you a refund.

If you’re really serious about changing your life and controlling your risk and exposure to EMFs, and you don’t want to look back in 6 months-1year and think "I wish I had taken a chance 6 months ago when I almost signed up for the How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps program” or wonder how much your life could have changed if you had, then the time is now. 

I want for you what you want for you. If doing everything you can to protect your health by clearing EMFs in your home is what you want, I encourage you to join me inside the How to Reduce EMFs in 3 Easy Steps program. We'll go through the steps together. 

I look forward to getting to know more about you and helping you along this beautiful, miraculous journey.

To your digital wellness, Risa  


Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait? Yes! You get access to everything right away. You can go through the course at your own pace (I recommend staying in order and doing one module per week). Many people think I’m nuts for having an affordable payment plan ($264/month for 2 months) and giving full access but I know how life-changing this material can be when you learn and implement it.

Do I get lifetime access? Absolutely – and, you also get any future content updates and additions, too. 

Is the course really step by step? Yes, it really is. The course assumes that you have absolutely no knowledge and I walk you through everything step-by-step so you don’t waste time and money and save yourself all of the trial and error that I went through

How much do I need to know about EMF fields? This is for people who are ready to reduce their exposure to EMF fields with a whole-house approach instead of the typical haphazard solutions that only address one piece of a big puzzle. The course is designed mostly for people who are newer to EMF fields or people who want an easy process they can follow without and know they're not missing anything. It includes basic overviews of EMF fields so you get a solid understanding of them and how they behave and impact your health, so this is also a great option for people who are brand new to EMFs as well.

What's the difference between the self serve course and the group program? The group program gives you direct access to Risa twice a week in group calls to ask any questions and get additional guidance for any questions that come up, plus you get an extra lesson on mold which is another common toxin inside homes. The self serve course gives you immediate access to all the content to go through at your own pace, but does not include the group calls or Mold and Indoor Air Quality lessons. The rest of the lessons in each of the modules is exactly the same, though.

Have other questions you don't see? Send me an email at and we'll get you squared away!

EMF Online Course
  • All of the program modules
  • Case Study bonus module
  • Instant access to all of the content 
  • Lifetime access to the content and future updates plus additions

Here's what people are saying...

"... I have already implemented your recommendations for my bedroom and I’m thrilled to report I no longer feel 'wired' when I wake up. 

Instead I feel like my body has truly rested, which is transformative. 

I wish I had met you sooner! Thank you!" 

- Louise

"The first night after the evaluation we followed Risa’s instructions on powering down our bedroom as much as we could at that time. 

We didn't expect any significant differences, but were totally surprised in the morning. 

One of our cats snores and is restless most of the night – he has quit snoring and is sleeping calmly. Donna has been consistently waking up with tight jaw, forehead pressure and headaches – gone the first night and they have not returned. Michael has woken up completely rested with more energy and no morning 'brain fog.'" 

- Michael and Donna 

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